Top Ten Books for IMCT

These books are suggested as they give an all rounded balance to IMCT. It is presumed that you will have read and digested printed notes as indicated in the Skill Kit. Without reading the notes, the books will not come together and certain books are eliminated in order to cut down unnecessary reading that is provided in those notes.

  1. Almaas, A.H., 2008, The Unfolding Now, Shambala, Boston, USA.
  2. De Saint-Exupery, A. 1974, The Little Prince, Pan Books, London, UK.
  3. Jacobi, J., 1971, Complex Archetype and Symbol, Bollingen Foundation, New York, NY.
  4. Jung, C.G., (1964). Man and His Symbols. Aldus Books Ltd, London, UK.
  5. Krishnamurti, J., 1996, Total Freedom, The Essential Krishnamurti, Harper Collins, New York NY.
  6. Rogers, C. R., 1961, On Becoming a Person, A Therapists view of Psychotherapy, Constable, London. U.K.
  7. Tolle, E., 2008, Oneness With All Life, Penguin, New York, NY.
  8. Watzlawick, P., et al, 1974, Change, Norton & Co., NY USA.
  9. Wells, A., 1997, Cognitive Therapy of Anxiety Disorders, Chichester, UK.
  10. Wilber, K., 1975, No Boundaries, Shambala, Boston, USA.