Philosophy of the Waywith Inn

Have you ever had a nightmare? Have you ever had a deeply disturbing dream? Then you remember the vulnerable feeling of waking, relieved it was just a dream.
After such a dream I wrote the following:
The unconscious has the capacity to confront you with your deepest, naked self. 'It' knows you-never forgets you-disturbs you. It remembers your soul or is it your soul? It troubles you with the deepest heartfelt connections and memories once it has lain bare your defenses, your pretences, and your life’s everyday clutter. It cleanses you down to a point where you are prone, vulnerable and painful, yet grateful that you are restored to all that you have ever been, even with the faintest, saddest far away reaches of memory, sentiment, values, loves and cherished innermost self. It troubles you as a traveller returning from a far away land where you were once a resident and tried to forget your basic nationality and culture. It is best it does this, lest we forget. I am remembered.

I believe all of our waking life lives within a world that has forgotten its basic nationality and culture. I mean this symbolically of course. In fact those two concepts are probably more usually a pest than a help to us. We are 'remembered' when a loved one dies. When we stand at the graveside and then feel the chill as we walk away alone wondering about what this is all about. We scuttle back to work or to some other activity. Perhaps you are remembered when you are at church or in some solemn moment that makes you stop and wonder. Truly wonder.

As a psychologist I have these 'graveside moments' often as I struggle with a client who is trying to work out what this is all about. I wonder what it is for them when they are stripped bare by life. Are they happy for me to just help with a few thoughts and feelings? A bit of counselling? A few 'wise words'? A behavioural experiment?

Because they are lost in their culture they probably do accept it, but I don't. I struggle for them to wonder why they should have this happen to them. Who are they really to themselves in their deepest loneliest moments in life? What does their soul cry out to tell them? Who have they forgotten? Will they die and never remember?

As such I have searched high and low in my life to find the truth of what this is about: For myself of course but for others too. You can't find out the truth and not share that with someone else. Of course I'm still searching but some thoughts have come to me:

I soar in an age that doesn’t believe in flight.
I fly tomorrow’s truth across the dark skies of today.
Enjoy the flight, may you encounter blues skies and great discoveries in your new lands!