Skill Kit

Here is a list of all micro–skills in the order that I suggest they be learnt.

Basically, this leads from information gathering, to being able to establish rapport with a person, to counselling at a deep level, which is preparatory for CBT, and then the list extends into the more sophisticated work with the unconscious. However linear that seems even the Language Skills presume the function of the unconscious—yet we must start with some order. As with the nature of Intermodal all skills extend and compliment each other. You might also like to refer to the Top Ten Must Read Books for IMCT.

Therapy Skills

  1. History Taking
  2. Counselling
  3. Functional Analysis
  4. Language and Body Tracking Skills
  5. CBT
  6. Body Therapy
  7. NLP
  8. Gestalt
  9. LOCT Skills
  10. Dream Work

Superordinate Skills (Meta-Skills)

  1. Ego-Unconscious
  2. Enquiry Interventions (& Therapeutic Interventions)
  3. Inside Outside Problem
  4. Inner Tracking