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Therapy Skills: History Taking

History Taking Worksheet

  1. Follow your assessment notes through. You might even want to rewrite them to suit your style. Keep to the same order though for the sake of your placement.
  2. Ask client at beginning to give you a 'nut-shell' description of their problem and then (if appropriate) move to history taking with a statement like "Ok now its really useful if at this stage I can hear a history of a person and not just about 'a problem', it gives me a greater perspective to understand your problems from."
  3. Listen especially closely to analogous situations to their problem in their history, this is especially pertinent on the following check points:
    1. Romantic relationships (eg do they always go for the same partners?)
    2. Schooling (did they have problems making friends like they do now?)
    3. Parenting (is there anything repeating here?)
  4. Other therapists-what was helpful, don't reinvent the wheel and don't fall for the same traps they did.
  5. Consumer Segment. You might find helpful to have your own version of this written that suits you. Give more information to those who have never seen a psychologist before.