What Skill for When?

Very difficult area! Depends on your experience and previously learnt skills and so on.


  1. Starting out- no sense of the problem or terms of reference are vague.
    Your basic need is to get into Problem Finding:
    1. Counselling and Language and Body Tracking Skills
    2. I Wish list/Mind Mapping
  2. Problem Found
    1. Zoom in with questions like, "what has been depressing you this week?" (Or making you anxious or stressing you. What are examples of your communications with your wife?)
    2. Functional Analysis?
    3. Enquiry intervention (further Problem Finding but this will be a deepening process and not just finding 'a' problem. You can use NLP or Downward arrow (CBT) or even Mind mapping as an Enquiry intervention here.)
    4. Under IMCT you could easily break away from NLP or downward arrow to, say, LOCT.
  3. Choosing the main element to Problem Solve (Therapy/Enquiry Interventions)
    1. Look for patterns in your problem finding (i.e. metaphors of the current problem with past situations). If you find these consider a LOCT Skills intervention.
    2. If you hear there is a 'part' that is under consideration i.e. "I'm on a diet but one part eats", or, "I'm trying to speak up but one part feels inhibited", use either Gestalt or NLP to address the part.
  4. Therapy is stuck after it's been going for some weeks or months
    1. Ask client to record some dreams and do Dream work.
    2. Do a summary of therapy including original goals.
    3. Discuss with a colleague.
    4. Consult the Waywith Inn!
  5. Client Speaks fast or is unfocussed, is detached, seems bored or uninvolved etc
    1. Share your feelings with them as to how you perceive them
    2. Get them to focus on how they feel in their body (in the moment) using 5 min Exercise or Hakomi.
    3. Or try NLP to talk to the unfocussed, detached or bored part.

Skill/Behaviour Matching Grid

Client State repressed in: Use skill: Client State excessive in: Use skill:
Behaviour eg Withdrawn, Shy Behavioural activation or Behavioural Experiments, Assertiveness Training, Express feelings in journal at least to self Behaviours eg talking, partying 5 min exercise, Inward reflection expts, Self observing
Feelings 5 min exercise, Inward reflection expts, Self observing Intellectualizing, Rationalizing Encourage body awareness exercises. Direct to express feeling only words, or to body experience/Language skills
Experiencing Awareness 5 Min Ex, Hakomi “Little expts”, Talk to 'dead part’ NLP Lability Be aware of feelings, undercurrent drives NLP Talk to part
Unconscious Connection Insight Gestalt eg saying goodbye via two chair, Record dreams Dream work Over abstract, tangential Focus. Describe the behaviour to them