How to use the Waywith Inn

People will come to the Waywith Inn with a variety of backgrounds. Let us try to guess these and suggest how this site may be helpful to you.

  1. You may have a CBT only background and come to seek help with a client assist query. Welcome! We will try to assist with client enquiries but just remember that the answers will not come in a CBT package. You may well get a straight CBT suggestion but you may get one mixed with IMCT components.
  2. You have a CBT background; want to extend these skills and are not greatly interested in the other psychotherapies here. Well this may not be for you. The CBT sections are covered as an adjunct to all other therapies. As such CBT is treated just as one therapy and isn't given in-depth discussion. Few therapies are because the process here is one of integration into the whole therapy.
  3. You want to learn parts of the therapy here and not the whole package. You are welcome to try learning parts but beware of the following: The therapy is designed as an integrated package. As such some therapies - in fact most are not dealt with in much detail. Huge sections of therapies are left out while with some good chunks are included. This is because the therapeutic boundaries of most therapies are very overlapping. We donít seek to teach all therapies well but just IMCT thoroughly. As such something like LOCT skills maybe able to be learnt on its own although you wonít have a strong background in hypnosis from this site.
    NLP is not dealt with at all in terms of the whole model but the 'parts' bit is stolen out and used in conjunction with other therapies that use parts language. NLP itself was a blending of Milton Erickson's enormous knowledge of hypnosis, Virginia Satir and Fritz Perls (4). Perls is included here but not thoroughly but now you are already beginning to hear that some hypnosis is in IMCT and some Perls (1973) and some NLP and numerous other skills also. These are designed to overlap and reinforce one another into a solid whole called IMCT. (Have you ever looked at CBT as a package deal? It is a very unusual mix that Beck (1979) put together but it works as a package. Now we even have added Mindfulness to it!)
  4. You want to learn psychotherapy as indicated here without all the emphasis on being moment centred. This shouldn't be a problem. Most of my students were taught this way. Some of them caught on the moment centred aspect was imbued in the approach. However, there is a big influence on the moment centred approach as being a 'spiritual' (read non-ego based) approach. If you don't like all this there is no reason why you cant still learnt the psychotherapy aspects only.
  5. You want to learn the whole IMCT approach. Why not!!!! You should find the very beginning of the site is designed to assist. If you are stuck email me.