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Note: Many websites concerning dreams have a myriad set of links to all sorts of new age style information and maybe not be advocated by this website but the links mentioned here are competent and useful. Generally it is a good idea to check more than one website or book. Also one should consider a contemporary understanding and a deeper archetypal or classical interpretation. However the classical dictionaries will not have contemporary symbols that we so often dream about these days (eg dvd's, mobile phones, cars, planes and so forth). Further to rough approximate a car to a chariot leaves a lot in translation!

Many of the online dictionaries are syndicated and you see the same ones coming up under different names and some of them just seem to be regurgitating the symbols of Gustavus Hindman Miller - 1901 (10,000 Dreams Interpreted). Much of this style of dictionary is like a 'gypsy' interpretative style and not much help with serious dream interpretations at a clinical level.

Dream Dictionaries-Links Meaning of Symbols

Astrocenter (Seems to have good interpretations)
The Curious Dreamer
UncleSirBobby!! Brief list but interesting expansions on the symbols feature

Associations and Scientific Information

The International Association for the Study of Dreams
This seems a well balanced website covering topics like lucid dreaming, FAQs and Scientific information. It has an extremely good book reference list, almost overwhelming but definitely comprehensive.

Various Links

Etymology (Useful at times for looking into the symbolism of names)




Very Useful especially with brief explanations of his jargon.

Myers-Briggs Test Free Scores online instantly.


Good site with explanations of Jargon like countertransference and a great listing of defense mechanisms.