Hi and Welcome to The Waywith Inn. This site is designed for the following purpose:

  • To be an aid for trainee psychologists/therapists & any therapist that is interested in psychotherapy
  • To outline Intermodal Moment Centred Therapy © (IMCT) which is the psychotherapy model offered here
  • To provide support in discussions about your clients (confidentially)
  • To provide discussions about therapy/its development & new frontiers
  • To focus on a platform which is evidence based—'plus' (see About Me)
  • To examine & learn the deeper aspects of psychotherapy
  • To be an accepting place to learn in the most innovative ways we can
  • To form training vehicles as required (discussion/training groups)
  • As a place to come, drop the professional facades and just be you
  • To get excited about an amazing journey called psychotherapy!

Come inside it's warm and friendly!!

If you wish to contact Brian, or refer, details are available on the Contact page.